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It is important to understand your options so that you can participate in making decisions on your own behalf.  Knowing that you have this power will help reduce the fear and anxiety you might have surrounding your own death and the death of others.

Dying is a natural transition of life.  Sacred Journey Pathways provide comforting healing care and bedside companionship without the need for traditional interventions. This holistic approach to life and death focuses on the person’s whole being.

We encourage you to explore our Best Three Months of Life Care Plan where we address the five main aspects of life: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and practical. This is designed to increase self-knowledge, healing and conversational confidence.  We also guide you in creating your Advanced Care Plan.  The best time to make an Advanced Care Plan is when your health is still good. It gives you time to consider and reflect on the kind of health and medical care you would consent to, or refuse, in a crisis.

Our staff are also certified Celebrants who have been specifically trained to design a service for you and your loved ones that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that define who you are.  With creativity, we incorporate the important components to personalize and design a unique and special event that represents you with gracious honesty.

Sacred Journey Pathways can work in partnership with funeral homes to create a unique hybrid funeral experience.  Funeral home staff are experienced and knowledgeable, and a select few are even family owned and operated.  This hybrid funeral experience allows the funeral home to take care of many of the daunting tasks, freeing the family to honour their loved one.

Sacred Journey Pathways offer wide variety of in-person training and workshops throughout the year including Grief Support Groups for children and equine facilitated groups.  With the guidance animals and reconnecting to nature, Sacred Journey Pathways creates a safe space where people can explore their grief in a natural setting, away from the business and noise of the city. Horses have a natural ability to heal the emotional wounds of humans.  They teach us about trust, respect, letting go and boundaries

Creating a memorial plan doesn't have to be overwhelming.

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