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A Pre-Need Burial Plan is good stewardship and completes one's Estate Plan. Many of our families feel a tremendous sense of comfort when the funeral and cemetery arrangements are made in advance. Enter your name and email to download your Estate and Burial Planning Guide.

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Celebrating Life

We bury the dead with dignity and respect in the Catholic tradition; we comfort the living with compassion and concern; and we provide a sacred space for remembering.

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A Gateway to Heaven

Catholic Cemeteries are a link between the living and the departed. Among its many corporal works of mercy, the Church buries the dead as an act of mercy demonstrating respect and dignity for the deceased. The faithful departed before us remain members of our Church. We have the sadness of losing loved ones but take comfort and hope in knowing the souls of the just are in God’s hands.

Catholic Cemeteries provides an extension of our faith

A Catholic Cemetery is a holy place of honour and respect for those who have died. It is a memorial to all who are interred there. It is a scared place where Catholics and their friends and family come to express their grief – and hope in the resurrection—for their loved ones. It is blessed ground, uniquely suited for those whose bodies were temples of the Holy Spirit on earth and now await the resurrection from the dead.

Download Your Estate and Burial Planning Guide

Planning ahead is one of the most loving and responsible things you can do for your family. It allows your wishes to be known and provides peace of mind for yourself knowing that your funeral and cemetery plans are taken care of in advance. Enter your name and email to download your Estate and Burial Planning Guide (pdf)

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Gardens of Gethsemani
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Evaluate Your Burial Type and Budget

Like estate planning and making a will, arranging a Pre-Need plan is an act of responsible stewardship. Your evaluation continues with discernment of the burial type best suited to your interests and budget. The Church prefers tradition of burial and since Vatican II accepts cremation within guidelines and teachings of the church.

Traditional Burial Plots

Pricing Starts at$3650

Your Catholic Cemeteries offers many in cemetery locations near feature statues or in themed sections. The Church has a traditional emphasis on full body burial. Burial of the faithful departed will be within a concrete vault and some decisions will include the lettering and sentiments for the marker.

Mausoleum Entombment

Pricing Starts at$5950

The tomb of the greatest man who ever lived was entombment in the Garden of Joseph of Arimathea. Mausoleum offers interior and exterior full body encasement in the mausoleum building that is clean, dry and vented. Mausoleum signifies durability, devotion and honour. Lettering choices and sentiments are part of making the arrangement. We offer the larger Cloisters Mausoleum and a smaller Resurrection Mausoleum.

Mausoleum Cremation Inturnment

Pricing Starts at$795

The most economical of options, choices include in-wall inurnment at our Cloisters or Resurrection Mausoleum as well as the Resurrection Chapel. Each are clean, dry and ventred. For in-wall, lettering choices are part of making arrangements.

Free-Standing Cremation Columbarium

Pricing Starts at$4750

Cremated remains can be buried in-ground at very reasonable cost. An economical option, several on- site locations can be chosen. Cremated remains are placed in a liner and a marker with a concrete base and letter selection are part of making the arrangement.

In-Ground Cremation Inturnment

Pricing Starts at$1400

Catholic Cemeteries offers beautiful columbarium inurnment for cremated remains. At historic New Westminster the columbarium features a statue of St. Peter. At the Gardens of Gethsemani the columbarium features of a statue of an angel. A niche can contain remains of two faithful departed from the same family or as pre-arranged. Lettering choices are part of making arrangements.

A portion of the price is placed into a Perpetual Care Trust fund which provides maintenance of the property space in perpetuity.
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“I fully believe it was the Holy Spirit telling me that our child needed to be there.”

The death of a child is unthinkable for most people and not something parents typically expect.

“On January 16, 2009 I was nine months pregnant and about to give birth to our firstborn.  Only moments before he was placed in my arms is when I was told he had already passed,” shares Donna Laggui Crombie. The couple’s much longed-for child had his fist wrapped around his umbilical cord, cutting off his own circulation. There was nothing that could have been done to save him.

“One of the nurses gently asked us the next morning if we had thought about arrangements. So much of that is a blur; it was just such a shock.”

At the time, Donna remembers having an image of the sign for Gardens of Gethsemani flash into her mind and knew in her heart she wanted her son to be at a Catholic Cemetery.

“I fully believe it was the Holy Spirit telling me that our child needed to be there.”

Her brother made a phone call to Gardens of Gethsemani while she and her husband Jason mourned the death of their baby, Keaton Dominic Laggui Crombie.

“After that call it was seamless. Gardens took care of everything for us.  Arrangements went so smoothly that it wasn’t until months later when I realized that Kearney Funeral Home in New West was a separate organization from Gardens.”

Learning that Gardens of Gethsemani has a special area for children has brought much comfort to Donna and Jason.  Family members chose a beautiful spot for baby Keaton at Rachel’s Garden. Every Christmas someone decorates the children’s area with bows in the trees and poinsettias by the graves. There is also a memorial to the unborn with a statue of Rachel mourning for her children.

“Losing a baby is so traumatic. Nothing can take away that pain, but to go to a place where your child is received with such love and care and revered as a saint in heaven is comforting,” says Donna, who has founded a chapter of Elizabeth Ministry at St. Nicholas Parish to help provide support for other bereaved parents.

“The care and attention we received helped in our grief and healing. Our overall experience with Gardens of Gethsemani has given us a sense of peace I don’t think we would have received anywhere else.”

“When you share grief [it] becomes only half and when happiness is shared it’s two times the happiness”

It wasn’t the location, pricing, or customer service that sold Ernest and Milena Crepnjak on making their final arrangements with the Gardens of Gethsemani nearly a quarter of a century ago – although all of those things were important.

They had seen an ad in their parish bulletin for Catholic Cemeteries and called. After an agent came to see them they decided to go and see the grounds for themselves.

“They had better service than any cemetery, it was Catholic, and the grounds were beautiful. But when we came to the crypt there were two boys there. And one on a bicycle pointed at a crypt and said to his friend, ‘That’s my Grandpa up there!’ And that was it. We knew it was the place for us,” explains Ernie with a broad smile.

The couple, married since 1954, carefully selected a crypt in the middle of the mausoleum wall on the north side. They liked that if it was a rainy day visitors could stand protected from the rain. Mila, a real estate agent, and Ernie, a structural engineer, couldn’t be happier with their decision.

“Then as we were driving home we thought, what are we doing? We turned around and bought two more so family, like our sons Daniel and Ernest, and friends could join us there, too. Mila and I were prepared, looking ahead all the time.”

When his beloved wife passed away in October of 2011, Ernie says the staff at the cemetery helped him immeasurably: “The women in the office offered so much support for me that I was able to survive losing Mila.”

In May 2013 Ernie’s second son, Ernest, died and was interred next to Mila.

“When I go visiting, I visit both my wife and our son. I can also go to the monthly Mass and then go and visit them.”

Ernie says he was touched to see the special section of the cemetery for children and bought flowers for the area for All Saints Day in his wife’s memory. For his name day, he made a generous donation in Mila’s name and recently decided to donate monthly to the area for babies.

“And when I go to the cemetery I am grateful for all that Mila gave to me, for because of her I had a wonderful life. It is not lonely. I see the staff, who are like family, and I see on one side of me an elderly couple and to my right an Italian lady visiting her late husband, and so many others. They become your friends.”

Ernie says he is reminded of a saying about grief when he visits the cemetery:

“When you share grief with somebody it lessens your burden and becomes only half and when happiness is shared it’s two times the happiness. I find both to be true at the Gardens of Gethsemani.”

“I found the cemetery a very peaceful place”

As part of her work at the Office of Life, Marriage and Family for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver, Michele Smillie provides end of life workshops, which led her to make some practical decisions about her own final arrangements.

“Because I am single and over 50, I think it is important to have arrangements made so that everything is in place if something happens,” explains Michele. “Also the fact that I could put the cost on a payment plan and not have to pay a lump sum was a big selling point.”

Through her work she has met people from Catholic Cemeteries, but decided to visit the Gardens of Gethsemani to tour the grounds.

“The staff there very friendly, helpful and accommodating,” she says. “They answered all my questions, helped me to decide on what I needed, gave me options and showed me the different burial places and explained the different cost options.”

Michele liked that the areas are mostly named after Our Lady and the saints and saw the mausoleum, chapel, and Rachel’s Garden for the unborn. She was shown two new burial sites just opening and told about the plans for another area.

“It is important to me to be buried in consecrated ground. I found the cemetery a very peaceful place. The grounds are well kept and there are places one could sit and visit the graves,” says Michele. “I was able to pick a burial spot that appealed to me.”

Knowing her final arrangements are in place gives great peace of mind. Would she recommend Catholic Cemeteries to others?

“I would highly recommend them and I already have.”

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