Materials for Schools & Educators

God offers us eternal life, Hope and light. His Church offers a positive vision for the end of life because of the meaning of Christ’s Resurrection, the sacraments and Tradition, and localized support. Forming young Christians on a healthy and reverent perspective is a task we are committed to supporting.


“The Understanding Death Series” videos are aligned with Church teaching, and are designed to provide deeper insight into topics surrounding the end of life.

Historic St. Peter’s Cemetery – New Westminster

A tour booklet is available for self-guided tours. We could also arrange a guided tour. With over 15 vocations and historic personalities, it provides a treasure of history and diocesan culture. More information about St Peter’s cemetery over here.

Social Studies/Family Story Work

We have Talk of a Lifetime slides on genealogy plus my Family Story which was co-developed with a genealogist. We believe in fostering intergenerational conversations about life and facilitating legacy and family stories, perhaps in having children and adults pass on stories and faith items from generation to generation. Add your creativity and consider how these may support your lessons. You can also consider fostering curiosity and appreciation in those buried at Catholic Cemeteries who uniquely contributed to their community.

Field Trips

Field trips are a great way to orient students to a Catholic Cemetery. We have hosted schools over the years, and a visit entails instruction on Christian end of life and what the community does if there is a death. A tour is provided with an opportunity to pray over those who have families with the Gardens. Where appropriate, a service opportunity to clean graves is possible. To coordinate a field trip, please email Norma Nunez, Outreach Coordinator with the Gardens:

We can host a school at various times. During the month of Holy Souls in November is an opportunity. The other is during Eastertide using the recently developed Way of Light prayerbook.

“Some years ago attended a presentation by Gardens of Gethsemani at our church and found it very informative, after which my husband and I made all our ‘pre-arrangements.’ Highly recommend this to everyone.”

“I had often wanted to end my days at Gardens of Gethsemani, but for some time, I put it off. Finally, a death in my own family prompted me to take action and request a meeting. During and after the meeting, with a well qualified representative, I felt much better. I feel that by arranging a place for myself and others, my earthly remains are secure, in holy ground and a sign for those following us of what we all stood for when we lived.”