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“The Understanding Death Series” videos are aligned with Church teaching, and are designed to provide deeper insight into topics surrounding the end of life.

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Lesson 1

  • Lesson 1, Lesson Plan – The Value of Human Life

  • Field Trip Guide: Gardens of Gethsemani

Lesson 2

  • Lesson 2, Lesson Plan – Dignity of the Human Person

  • YOUCAT Scavenger Hunt

The Holy Souls Curriculum

“Some years ago attended a presentation by Gardens of Gethsemani at our church and found it very informative, after which my husband and I made all our ‘pre-arrangements.’ Highly recommend this to everyone.”

“I had often wanted to end my days at Gardens of Gethsemani, but for some time, I put it off. Finally, a death in my own family prompted me to take action and request a meeting. During and after the meeting, with a well qualified representative, I felt much better. I feel that by arranging a place for myself and others, my earthly remains are secure, in holy ground and a sign for those following us of what we all stood for when we lived.”