Works of Mercy Fund

Consider a gift to support families who may not have the financial means to make burial arrangements. Losing a loved one is hard, and we want to do what we can to help ease the burden and provide hope. To help bring comfort and peace of mind to families, the Works of Mercy fund also supports:


Immediate need or create your memorial plan.

  • Bereavement care
  • Faith-based peer support after loss of a baby during or after pregnancy
  • Complimentary burial for families who lose children under the age of one year
  • Subsidized burial for clergy

If you would like make a donation to this fund, please reach out to Lisa Hagglund at (604) 774-9109 or by email at

Refurbishing the Stations of the Cross

Originally built in the 1970s, our 14 Stations of the Cross are faded, cracked and in poor condition. Many of our grieving visitors find great peace and comfort in praying the Stations. Your financial support would help us refurbish them so they can continue to be used for prayer and contribute to the peaceful reverence of the cemetery. For more information please click the button below.

To make a donation please call the Director of Catholic Cemeteries at 604-365-2030 or by email at Sponsorship of all stations includes 2 cremation inurnments or one inground plot.

New Stations of the Resurrection – the Way of Light

A new section is coming to Gardens of Gethsemani featuring 14 Stations of the Resurrection. This lesser known devotion features key events from Christ’s resurrection to the descent of the Holy Spirit. It is also known as Via Lucis or the Way of Light. Your financial support will help construct the main entrance trellis with stations I and XIV; as well as stations II through XIII. Accompanying this launch will be the provision of prayer books to parishes so that the devotion can be done at a church, at the cemetery, or in one’s home.

To sponsor the prayerbooks or purchase a station or the main entrance please call the Director of Catholic Cemeteries at 604-365-2030 or by email at Sponsorship of a station or entrance includes 2 cremation inurnments or 2 inground plots.