Life Without End

This page is a workshop presentation made available on a self-serve basis to parishes. Coordinating a presenter from the Gardens of Gethsemani for all or part of the workshop is best to have a fruitful workshop. The presenter will facilitate adult learning through guided questions and discussion.

To book a workshop facilitator, please call 604-531-2141 or email


Life Without End is a workshop created to provide you with Catholic resources on eternal life, meaningful funerals, and a sacred burial.

“My father was buried there 20 years ago. Now recently my mother was buried next to my father. It gives me comfort knowing they’re forever together.”

“Last year my father and I attended the Mass of All Souls at the beautiful Gardens in memory of my mother. We were blown away by the magnificence of the sprawling landscape and the new buildings. It was so peaceful in its grandeur. The serenity. The sacredness. We had arrived at dusk but what we saw was breathtaking. I can only imagine how this beauty supports families in healing their broken hearts.”

“I would like to thank Ken Fung for walking me through this process. As difficult as it was I really appreciated his time and patience. He made my most devastating days bearable. Thank you for that!”