Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Catholic Cemeteries rules & regulations page. These inform our operations and how lots may be used or memorialized. Reviewing this information will answer most questions surrounding the use of a memorial site in the cemetery.


Immediate need or create your memorial plan.

Every reasonable effort is made to be responsive to an individual or family memorialization wish. However, standards of operation and design are established to ensure a consistent plan, dignified environment, and operational efficiency to provide a reverent and respectful environment for all families and visitors, with staff safety at the forefront.


“Some years ago attended a presentation by Gardens of Gethsemani at our church and found it very informative, after which my husband and I made all our ‘pre-arrangements.’ Highly recommend this to everyone.”

“I had often wanted to end my days at Gardens of Gethsemani, but for some time, I put it off. Finally, a death in my own family prompted me to take action and request a meeting. During and after the meeting, with a well qualified representative, I felt much better. I feel that by arranging a place for myself and others, my earthly remains are secure, in holy ground and a sign for those following us of what we all stood for when we lived.”