Funeral Home Services

We work with independent funeral homes that take care of all aspects of the body, and we work with our parishes on coordination of services. A Family Services Advisor can refer you to an independent funeral home in your area.

Choosing a Funeral Home

The advance selection of a funeral home smooths the process after a death. Evaluate your alternatives thoroughly, making careful comparisons and asking family or friends for recommendations. Compare facilities for location, convenience of entry for handicapped/ elderly individuals, for décor, especially if a visitation with vigil is planned there. Ask for a full disclosure of everything in writing.

Once you have chosen a funeral home, you should predetermine the level of service by cost, especially for the major components such as a casket. Keep in mind that products and services can be chosen in packages or item-by-item. Take the lists home to make a final decision.


You may plan arrangements either with a funeral director or on your own. Consider pre-paying costs carefully. A funeral trust that guarantees coverage of all costs at the time of death is most desirable. In some plans, more money might be due at the time of death to fulfill your original choices. Money can be set aside in an accessible account for use at your death, or there may be other financial tools to reserve sufficient money for funeral costs. Inquire with a funeral director and financial planner about your best options.


List the nature of the arrangements and as many specifics as possible. Be sure the initial contact information is apparent. The funeral director has frequent and detailed contact with the family and serves as the family representative to those who cooperate to provide services and goods for the funeral and burial.

Catholic Independent Funeral Homes

Catholic Cemeteries works with family independent funeral homes not affiliated with corporations. Funeral homes provide a variety of coordination services including obituary notices, burial, funeral liturgy coordination with parishes and all transportation arrangements. Most funeral homes have 18 or 24 hour contact options.

“Some years ago attended a presentation by Gardens of Gethsemani at our church and found it very informative, after which my husband and I made all our ‘pre-arrangements.’ Highly recommend this to everyone.”

“I had often wanted to end my days at Gardens of Gethsemani, but for some time, I put it off. Finally, a death in my own family prompted me to take action and request a meeting. During and after the meeting, with a well qualified representative, I felt much better. I feel that by arranging a place for myself and others, my earthly remains are secure, in holy ground and a sign for those following us of what we all stood for when we lived.”