Memorial Options

Catholic Cemeteries offers a variety of Memorial Options including:

  • Traditional In-Ground Burial
  • Mausoleum Burial
  • Granite Front Cremation Niches
  • Glass Front Cremation Niches
  • In Ground Cremation Niches

FREE Estate & Memorial Planning Webinar

This free presentation provides general information for preparing or updating your will and learning about the beauty of the funeral rite, and formulating pre-need arrangements. You’ll be pointed to complementary guides, tools and practical resources. The event is sponsored and presented by the Gardens of Gethsemani cemetery, a ministry of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Meet with a Family Services Advisor

We offer sacred burial space, counsel for meaningful funerals, and aftercare support.

“Some years ago attended a presentation by Gardens of Gethsemani at our church and found it very informative, after which my husband and I made all our ‘pre-arrangements.’ Highly recommend this to everyone.”

“I had often wanted to end my days at Gardens of Gethsemani, but for some time, I put it off. Finally, a death in my own family prompted me to take action and request a meeting. During and after the meeting, with a well qualified representative, I felt much better. I feel that by arranging a place for myself and others, my earthly remains are secure, in holy ground and a sign for those following us of what we all stood for when we lived.”